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Microsoft phones
Microsoft has also introduced Windows as a mobile‘s operating system with all the features of windows in minimal designs so you can get the best out of it. It provides your phones a nice user interface and it is easy to use with great features like:
• Start screen
• Cortana
• Action center for notifications
• Skype integration
• Sense feature
After all these great features windows phone might get bugs and issues with the updates. The very common bugs and issues that users have experienced with the windows phones are:

  1. Black screen during calls
    When you get a call or call someone and suddenly your screen goes black and becomes unresponsive and you no ability to cancel or disconnect the call.

This issue is because of proximity sensor it might be covered that why the screen goes black when you make or receive a call. Make sure to clear any dust for the proximity sensor area and if it still doesn’t help and contact the Microsoft customer support for help or replacement.

  1. Automatic Reboots
    You phone suddenly reboots when you are using your phone or sometimes doesn’t even turn on.

The solution for t has checked the battery of your phone if it working fine or not. Suddenly, battery charge drops make your phone shut down or reboot and also turn off the power save mode in your phone

  1. Camera doesn’t work
    It is a common glitch with the windows phone of the camera not working and crashes.

When your camera is not working try to restart the phone and if it is still not working then go for factory resetting the device it will surely help and contact the Microsoft support team for more guidance on this issue.

  1. Push notification isn’t working
    When you are not able to receive any notification from any app

The solution for it is to check whether if you have not disabled the notification service, if that’s not the case then try to restart your device and check for the latest updates for your device if available

These were the various common issues with the windows device and if you are having any other problem then you can contact Microsoft Tech Support team for more assistance on the issue.